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Internal Auditor - For Qatari Nationals only #[JD 77]

job list CEO Office

doha Qatar

Full Time Experience : 5-10yrs
job calendar Posted Date : 03/08/2022 End Date : 30/04/2024

Skill required

  • Strong organizational skills, including leadership, management, and process and relationship management.
  • Understanding of organizational interdependencies and cultural issues and ability to leverage them to build relationships that span a broad spectrum of organizational levels. 
  • A strong developer of people—a change agent and team builder, who can constructively challenge senior executives in an appropriate fashion.
  • Strong communication skills (verbal, written and listening); articulate, expressive, engaging and inspiring and can deliver value-added assessments, sound advice, good news and bad, in a relevant, concise and clear manner tuned to the audience with a high level of credibility at the top management and Executive Committee level.
  • Broad strategic thinker who understands the big picture and business issues, as well as the financials, and contributes insights that are outside the limited scope of compliance.
  • A quick thinker who can hold his/her own in the company of thought-leaders and other high-performance professionals.
  • Highly analytical—can quickly assimilate and synthesize complex data and information into a decision-making framework.
  • A flexible problem solver who can manage a large and diverse portfolio of projects and issues and rapidly assess situations with multiple outcomes and consequences.
  • A confident, proactive self-starter who can work autonomously with strong attention to detail. 
  • Unquestionable integrity and discretion—committed to core values and ethical business conduct with the backbone to stand up for what is right and necessary.
  • Mature, with high professional integrity and honesty—able to separate people from issues.
  • Proficient at developing high-quality PowerPoint presentations.
  • Written and spoken fluency in Arabic language is an advantage.

Job Purpose

  • Responsible for the design and implementation of the overall internal audit program for QSL.
  • Primary leadership responsibility for maintaining and strengthening a world-class internal control environment.
  • Provide independent reviews and evaluations of QSL’s operations, information systems, controls, major business processes, records, and reporting functions and provide recommendations to QSL management, external auditors and the executive directors.
  • Interface regularly with the Executive Committee during formal Committee meetings and also informally between meetings. The role will also interface with and coordinate the scope of coverage with QSL’s external auditors (both financial and systems), and interact with senior operating executives – most notably the CEO, legal advisor, and the president.

Responsibilities and job role

  1. Evaluate risk exposure relating to achievement of QSL’s strategic objectives.
  1. Evaluate the reliability and integrity of information and the means used to identify, measure, classify and report such information.
  1. Evaluate the systems established to ensure compliance with those policies, plans, procedures, laws, and regulations which could have a significant impact on the organization.
  1. Evaluate the means of safeguarding assets and, as appropriate, verifying the existing of such assets.
  1. Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency with which resources are employed.
  1. Evaluate operations or programs to ascertain whether results are consistent with established objectives and goals and whether the operations or programs are being carried out as planned.
  1. Monitor and evaluate governance process.
  1. Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of QSL’s risk management processes.
  1. Evaluate the quality of performance of external auditors and the degree of coordination with internal audit.
  1. Perform consulting and advisory services related to governance, risk management and control as appropriate for QSL.
  1. Report significant risk exposure and control issues including, fraud risks, governance issues, and other matters needed or requested by the Executive Committee.
  1. Evaluate specific operations at the request of the Executive Committee or management, as appropriate.


Qualifications & Experience


  • Bachelor’s degree as minimum plus an internationally recognized accounting and audit qualifications, such as, ACA, ACCA, CPA, CIA, etc.


Knowledge and/or Experience: 

  • 5 to 10 years of relevant accounting and audit experience, enhanced by several years of progressively responsible work in control, reporting, financial planning or operational finance roles within a well-regarded, large organization of appropriate scale and complexity.
  • Proven track record as a financial leader who views this critical role as a platform for future career development and growth beyond the audit function. Must possess a minimum of 10 years of total business experience, ideally including a blend of both technical and operational finance.
  • Must possess a thorough and current knowledge of audit practices, accounting policies and accounting standards is a must. In addition, recent application of such knowledge and practices to enterprise risk management, compliance and internal controls within a large organization is highly desired.
  • Specific experience with risk management associated with large organization ; must have successful and meaningful experience in managing others.
  • Experience in sport industry, particularly football.